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RUGGID REAL is an artist for the people. His music speaks to the everyday struggles of the working class man and the urban street youths with stories of trials, tribulations and inspiration. Ruggid Real was born James Long from McKeesport, Pa. He started doing music at the age of 16. By the time he was 18 he already doing local shows and apart of some successful local projects. He hooked up with some friends/ local emcees and formed a group where they would go and record and perform together for at least a decade together. After so many failed attempts at success Ruggid decided to go his own way. He has since been on the rise and now it seems is ready for stardom. Ruggid music comes from a place of pain, poverty, hard times and unity. His music is a testament that just because you are different doesn't mean you can't make an impact. Ruggid tells stories of real life situations that the average person can relate to. It's looking to be a good start for the era of RUGGID REAL. Ruggid credits his demeanor and style to his hometown McKeesport, Pa just outside of Pittsburgh and says some of his influences were and are DMX, EPMD, LLCOOL J, REDMAN, METHODMAN, COMMON, RUN-DMC,KRS ONE and a lot of the artist that help pave the way for him to be who he is today. Long live hip hop.










"A Piece Of Me"

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Real Hiphop Real Life

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